The historical hotel LA MAISON ROUGE in Strasbourg, has been brought to light by Brossier Saderne

Having recently joined the Marriott group as part of the Autograph Collection, this five star hotel has reopened its doors in the town centre of Strasbourg after three years of complete renovation works.

Lighting design Brossier Saderne
Lighting design Brossier Saderne
Bespoke lighting design Brossier Saderne
Hôtel & Spa Maison Rouge

The oldest Strasbourg institution combines luxury and authenticity, tradition and innovation, warmth and relaxation, and offers a cosy and elegant atmosphere as it renews its links with its past to become the place to be in the Alsatian capital. This striking transformation is the work of two architectural agencies: Laurent & Laurence, a design studio and interior architecture agency based in Paris, and Atelier Mäco, an interior architecture and design agency based in Lyon, as well as the expertise of Ets Bruder, the leading national network specialising in hotel renovations and interior design.

The facade of the Maison Rouge Hôtel & Spa has conserved the red ‘iron oxide’ colour of the original residence, whilst the 1929 building, which is now home to this luxury hotel, has been given an Art Deco feel. The decoration skillfully combines traditional Alsatian codes with the geometric lines of the 1920’s.

Brossier Saderne was called upon to bring to light the Mistinguett salons. This round space has been divided into three rooms for optimum peace and tranquility. This is where the hotel’s breakfasts and lunches are served with a selection of hot dishes as well as afternoon tea and coffee.

A ceiling light in a brushed brass finish composed of two imposing arches diffuses targeted beams of light across the hot and cold buffet.
Further along a geometric shaped ceiling light, also in a brushed brass finish, comprises multiple spheres of white opal glass which sit proudly above the marble tables. The pastel walls are set off to perfection by wall lights with a golden structure which cast a soft glow and bring the finishing touches to this cosy and welcoming setting.

The lighting fixtures were designed and created by the engineers at the Brossier Saderne Design Office. This hotel lighting project is also the fruit of a collaboration with lighting expert and designer Fabienne LUMINET. The shared objective was to enhance the lighting environment whilst accentuating the effects of the light on the spaces and materials. The design and construction of the lighting fixtures was carried out by the teams at the Brossier Saderne workshop situated near to Angers.

A mix of sofas, slouchy armchairs, marble tables, graphic glassware, large mirrors and unique bespoke lighting fixtures transform the morning into a moment of subtlety and elegance.

The Autograph Collection champions the originality and uniqueness of each of its 190 hotels which are situated in over 30 countries and territories throughout the world. Each establishment has its own distinctive feel that makes it “Exactly like nothing else”


Permissions and thanks to:

Agence d'Architecture Intérieure Laurent & Laurence -
Agence d'Architecture Intérieure Atelier Mäco -

Fabienne Luminet, PULS'ART - Groupe BJ Partenaires -

Photos : ©Christophe Bielsa and ©ElsaetCyril

Maison Rouge Strasbourg
4 Rue des Francs Bourgeois, 67000 Strasbourg, France

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