La Mamounia Marrakech

Brossier Saderne is lighting up La Mamounia, Marrakech’s most luxurious hotel…

Situated in the very heart of the ochre city’s Medina, this hotel is a veritable legend with a personality of its own. The ‘Grande Dame de Marrakech’, as it is fondly known, has been given a brand new look thanks to two big names in the world of design: Patrick Jouin and Sanjit Manku.

In taking on the challenge of bringing new energy to this luxury hotel, the creative duo sought to preserve the original charm and history of the premises: ‘Our approach is simple. We trust our instincts which were pointing us towards a slight imbalance in the energies of the premises. The idea of walking around and stumbling almost by chance upon these unique and enchanting places became the backdrop for this new story...’

With remarkable artistic sensibility, the duo chose to combine local Moroccan savoir-faire with Italian, French and Spanish influences whilst pushing the boundaries of prestige and creation in order to take them to new heights.

La Mamounia Marrakech Photo: Alan Keohane
La Mamounia Marrakech Photo: Alan Keohane
La Mamounia Marrakech Photo: Alan Keohane
La Mamounia Marrakech Photo: Alan Keohane

In the Asian restaurant, the Jouin Manku Agency opted for a decor combining black lacquered chairs, fabric swathed walls and traditional lanterns which were tailor made by Brossier Saderne. The original Moroccan decor blends in seamlessly with the Chinese, Japanese and Thai influences in the furnishings. The Asian inspired burnished brass ceiling lights designed by the Angers-based lighting specialist perfectly complement the traditional patterns on the fabrics.

Our eye is also drawn to the table lamps with their circular shape and brass finish, also designed by the Angers-based lighting specialist. These unique lighting fixtures are autonomous and battery powered. A delicate Moucharaby lace is finely carved into their metal domes thereby reflecting patterns onto the surfaces of the tables. The choice of lighting brings a touch of magic to the restaurant as night falls….

A little further along, just within eye shot, the Italian restaurant comes into view. An extension of the restaurant area makes it feel like dining in a winter garden with the restaurant and garden merging seamlessly into one. A 20 metre fresco, designed by artist painter Cédric Peltier, adorns the wall and acts as a mirror to the garden. Combining simplicity and sophistication, the interior is set off to perfection by brass floor lamps and table lamps created by Brossier Saderne for a soft and delicate diffusion of light.

La Mamounia, MarrakechLa Mamounia, Marrakech

After the restaurants, the Salon de Thé by Pierre Hermé was also treated to a makeover thanks to a multitude of traditional lanterns designed by Brossier Saderne. Composed of Moucharaby inspired, delicately carved metal sheets and shaped solid glass, they complement the ceiling and wall lights which diffuse their patterns across the marble floors, wall panels and Moroccan tiled ceilings.

La Mamounia, MarrakechLa Mamounia, Marrakech

Come evening time the Churchill bar is the go-to place for guests of the hotel. This bar has been completely redesigned for a cosy and welcoming atmosphere and now features a decorative block of sculpted black marble encased in smoked oakwood. The savoir-faire of Brossier Saderne is once again to thank for the bar lamps composed of brushed golden metal and blocks of sanded glass covered in a fine layer of emerald green glass. The glimmers of light they diffuse onto the black marble create an atmosphere of intimacy and relaxation.

The outdoor tents create a transition area between the swimming pool and the Italian restaurant. Slightly elevated and therefore secluded, these comfortable seating areas are protected from the sun’s rays and make the ideal place for guests to enjoy a lunch or simply a moment of relaxation. Four lanterns with an aged brass finish created by Brossier Saderne give each tent a warm glow and echo the last rays of the setting sun.

One of these tents leads into the ‘Oenothèque’ wine cellar. Lanterns light up the path and guide the guest towards the entrance of the cellars, deep down in which they will find a hushed and intimate space decorated with no less than 2000 of the rarest and finest wines.

La Mamounia, MarrakechLa Mamounia, Marrakech

Throughout this project, the teams of engineers from Brossier Saderne, architects from the Jouin Manku Agency, and lighting designers from the Voyons Voir Agency, collaborated in order to tailor the light to the vision of the two architects Patrick Jouin and Sanjit Manku. Lighting scenarios have been defined to highlight the effects of light on the premises and materials. The guest experience has been given a new dimension altogether thanks to an approach that combines technological savoir-faire with technical rigour and precision.

During the press conference for the reopening of the five-star palace, Pierre Jochem, General Manager of La Mamounia who earned his managerial spurs in luxury hotels around the world, pointed out: "The iconic objects of the new Mamounia are for me, these lanterns which are replacing the traditional Moroccan lanterns with red shades. I was very afraid that we would go too far in the change of style. I really care about this respect between modernity and heritage, and I really feared they would be too modern. Fortunately, we took the right decision and the result is utterly superb! ".

Permission and Thanks to Agence Jouin Manku, Agence Voyons Voir and Meryem Mikou, the Communication manager at La Mamounia who kindly authorised us to use the images taken by photographer Alan Keohane.

La MamouniaAvenue Bab Jdid، Marrakesh 40040, Maroc

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