The interior architecture agency Design Wapler Associésturned to BROSSIER SADERNE for a project requiring vast suspended lighting fixtures and exterior lanterns to adorn a luxury Parisian establishment : the BUDDHA-BAR HOTEL.

salle intérieur buddha bar paris
lanternes extérieures buddha bar paris
lanternes intérieures buddha bar paris
luminaire intérieur buddha bar paris

The lighting manufacturer displayed its expertise and pulled out all the stops to meet the technical and aesthetic demands of this unique project. The short deadline was a challenge in itself! 

The lighting specialists collaborated with Glauserconstructions as well as working closely with small companies specialising in the art of metalwork, ornamental trimmings and hand-blown glass. 
BROSSIER SADERNE combined the savvy of its design office, its experienced workshop teams, high-quality materials and a collaborative approach in order to create twenty-one decorative exterior lanterns and seven imposing suspended light fixtures.


The most impressive piece takes pride of place in the reception area. It covers 200 squared-feet, weighs 400kg and is made up of no less than 150 glass facets in red and gold with gold trim. 
The exterior lanterns are a unique design and adorn the hotel's paved interior courtyard.


« BROSSIER SADERNE has exceeded expectations in this project and we are very proud of the result. We have, once again, shown our professionalism, our reactivity and our flexibility » said Gilles Moreau, General Manager of BROSSIER SADERNE.

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