MAISON NABIS: a luxury hotel in the heart of Paris

Maison Nabis opened its doors on the 28 September last year. This hotel is a haven of creativity, overflowing with fantasy and imagination from the floors to the ceilings, created and designed by Oscar Lucien through his architecture and interior design agency Maison Numéro 20.


Maison Nabis counts itself as a luxury hotel and has even been labelled a “pocket-sized palace”. Why this name, you ask? The hotel is in fact a homage to young painters from the avant-garde postimpressionist movement.


They had a talent for incorporating furniture into their works of art, with interiors serving the purpose of a canvas for their work. With its bespoke furniture, trimmings and gold-leaf decor, Maison Nabis brings drawing room culture into the modern day by combining it with the purest of Parisian refinement. 


The decor is centred around the codes of luxury hotels and features classic design elements such as wall-hangings, trimmings, stretched fabrics, marble and Macassar ebony. The furnishings include pleated lampshades, patterned fabrics, embroidery, Atropos mural paintings and signature design elements from the most prestigious fabric houses such as Rubella and Dédar.


In order to light up this exceptional hotel, the young interior architect wisely turned to Brossier Saderne for the lighting fixtures in the bedrooms and some of the public areas. The bespoke lighting specialist showed a perfect mastery of the materials and was able to successfully reflect the audacious, stylish, frivolous and whimsical nature of the Belle Epoque period by opting for decorative lighting fixtures that are in perfect harmony with the feel of the premises.


The stairwells are adorned with wall lights made of brushed brass and ridged glass whilst pleated ivory fabrics with gold trimming were used for the bedside table lamps in the thirty spacious bedrooms in order to complement their colourful, patterned designs. 


Maison Nabis has been designed with the overall experience in mind: that of a miniature luxury hotel that is at once artistic, intimate, unusual and suggestive of the night. Unusual in its choice to reflect sensuality and unique in its desire to strike a chord with the night owl in you.


Artistic in its references and plush elegance: a small drawing room, a patio area and thirty bedrooms tucked away in the heart of the City of Light, just a stone’s throw from the shiny stiletto heels of the iconic and festive Pigalle district. Whether you’re staying as a guest or just visiting, this hotel promises the ultimate in Parisian style and elegance and is yours for the taking.


So go on and make yourself at home! 

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