Lighting takes centre stage at an exhibition for up-and-coming designers…

Atoa Life exhibition

Let’s take a look back at the ‘ATOA Life’ exhibition which was held in March at the Hotel Renaissance Paris Vendôme, the central theme for which was lighting. The RADIEUSE lamp designed by Frédéric Saulou and produced by Brossier Saderne was present...


Amongst the numerous highly acclaimed designs was the RADIEUSE lamp, created by Rennes-based designer Frédéric Saulou and produced by Brossier Saderne, which stood out from the crowd thanks to its delicate slate lace slate design and light oakwood base to reveal the perfect harmony between fragility and robustness.


Halfway between a gallery and a boutique, Atoa is a marketplace exclusively dedicated to environmentally friendly designs created by up-and-coming designers. All of the designers have been carefully selected for their commitment, their approach and their sustainable and environmentally responsible designs.


They lay bare their world whilst providing a different perspective on design and its uses. If you would like to find out more about the numerous products created by the ATOA selected designers then all the information you need is available on their website.


Atoa Life :


Frédéric Saulou Design Studio :

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